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What to do when challenges arise?

I recently had cataract surgery on both eyes. I chose a well-known doctor who does 2,000 of these surgeries every year. Everyone I talked to said it was the easiest surgery they ever had. My left eye was done first and the results were remarkable. A week later, I had the right eye done. During that surgery, the doctor said “I was not able to get all the fragments of the cataract out of your eye. You may have floaters for awhile.”

The following morning when I opened my right eye all I could see were broken brown fragments floating around in my vision. It was as if I were looking through a windshield that was covered with Petroleum Jelly. When I walked into the doctor’s office the morning after surgery. I said, “I’m scared. My vision is not right.” He assured me the floaters would disintegrate and if they didn’t, I could have another surgery. I had a trip planned to the Midwest for a family wedding in two weeks. I asked if I could do the second surgery before I left. He referred me to a retina doctor and I had to wait a week to see him.

During this time period, I had a dream about my father who was visually impaired for the last 10 years of his life. He had detached retinas  surgeries that left his vision impaired. He wouldn’t go out at night no matter how much mother and I begged him. He stayed home and went to be at 8 pm. With my own visual impairment, I felt compassion for my father.  I have not been able to drive at night with this impaired vision. I had to cancel my trip to the Midwest and have another surgery on my right eye. My right eye is healing and my vision is improving daily.

We all have challenges and disappointments in life. The only choice we have is the attitude we choose about those challenges. We can become a victim of life or a survivor.

It has taken me a lifetime to see my challenges as sacred gifts rather than scars to deny, disguise, or project onto others.

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Changes in 2017

The sun is setting on another year. After a whole year of looking I finally found a home I wanted to purchase. I moved at the end of October and am getting settled as a “first time” home owner in Northern California. I almost waited too long to make this move.

It’s certain that the New Year (2017) will bring change. Many people in my beloved state of California were  shocked by the election results.  California is known as a “blue” state.  Many people around me are fearful, angry,  and despairing. Having lived through a few major political changes in our country has taught me to not get too attached to any particular result. Many of us have lived long enough to know change is inevitable, but we forget. We are drawn to certainty. We feel safe when we know what the future holds.

However, I grow spiritually when I face uncertainty. In the midst of change  I can expand to learn more tolerance, patience and kindness toward people who have different ideas  and values..

I also abide by a deep faith in the benevolence of the universe. I called that benevolence “God”. It has been clear to me so many times that in the long run, there is something good about change.

So many of my spiritual books discuss the value of “living with uncertainty”. The minute I think I know something for sure, I’m often shown that what I think I know is just not so. It makes for a life of flexibility, tolerance and a deepening of respect for the process of how long it takes for human beings to grow and change and the difficulties we must face to adopt new ways of being.

As the teachings of Abraham and the 12 Step Recovery programs have taught me, we came here (into this earth existence)  to expand and along this journey of expansion, we take many steps, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly but in each step, we are looking for expansion.

My favorite prayer these days is “God, help me set aside everything I think I know for an open mind and a new experience.” It gets me through a lot of days with more joy and less fear.

Blessings to you for continued growth, expansion and opportunities to practice patience, tolerance, kindness and love toward all beings.  There  will be changes in  2017 and my belief is that we will all grow as a result of the changes. I must believe “All is well”.