…is a highly specialized individual process. I start exactly where you are by addressing the challenges you are facing. The path is not the same for everyone. Successful coaching requires the ability to take actions and be open to new perspectives. For more information about what clients have gained from working with me, please visit Claim Your Life Now.

Coaching works best when…

…it is undertaken as a long-term process to create deep and lasting changes. Long-term means at least 3 months of one-hour coaching each week. Consistency is an important part of getting the support you need to make the changes you want to make.

…you believe that the path to achieving your goals has something to do with understanding yourself at a deeper level.

…you are looking for practical solutions that you can put in place immediately.

Coaching does not work when…

…the client isn’t willing to take action. Because the success of the coaching depends on the personal actions of the client, it is important that prospective clients be willing and ready to take action in their lives to affect long-lasting results.

…clients are suffering from depression or other medical issues.   If you suffer from depression or other medical conditions, first seek qualified medical attention prior to working with a coach.

…you are in a life crisis.  If you are in a crisis, seek help from a qualified psychologist.

Best practices

The ideal structure for coaching is to meet weekly at the same time each week. To get the full value from the experience, I suggest a 3-month minimum. Coaching is done by phone.  Discounts are available for 3 month and 6-month payments. Clients pay monthly in advance of sessions.

After the initial 3-month period, we pause and reflect on the learning, the actions taken and the results produced. Then we embark on the next 3-month period based on what has been integrated in the first 3 months of coaching.

Please contact me for a free, private 20-minute call to explore the possibility of working together.

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