My Process

My Process

You’ve heard about how I was able to face and move through my grief. When this happened, I felt guided. The next steps just appeared before me. They didn’t come from me trying to figure it out intellectually. It came from a higher intelligence.

I had kept the personal effects from my husband after the war. When he passed, they all came back in a box and I shoved the box in the closet and never opened it. When I finally opened that box, within it was all I needed to handle the grief.

I started attending a writers group for war veterans. The group became the perfect environment for me to share openly and tell my story. I discovered Buddhist meditation, and when I sat still, the tears came. The practice of meditation gave me strength to face the grief.

Courageously took one step at a time

The next right step was just intuitively shown to me, so I would take it and move forward. There wasn’t a lot of struggle or effort for me to move through. I turned around and asked grief what it had to offer me and I courageously took it on one step at a time.

When my book came out, I was given opportunities to speak about my healing from the trauma of war. Through the veterans writers group, I was invited to be on Bill Moyer’s Journal. This led to more and more opportunities to speak. I taught a memoir-writing class for writers at Fishtrap.

“Pauline Laurent’s Grief Denied: A Vietnam Widow’s Story struck me more profoundly than any book I’ve ever read. I have dealt with grief in my own life and that of others, but never have I been moved to such outpouring of tears.”


After I was professionally trained and certified as a coach. I set up a coaching practice so I could help guide others to an open heart and joy filled life.

When I opened my practice, the people drawn to me shared my past challenges:

  • Denied Grief
  • Addiction Issues
  • Codependency
  • Mid-life Transitions
  • Attention Deficit Disorder

Whether someone is suffering from denied grief or addictions, or facing a mid-life transition, my work is to help them answer the question:

What Now?

How do I navigate this unknown realm?

“You bring new meaning to me, of love and trust, hope and belief in myself. You truly are a container for the possibilities … for my realizing and maximizing my potential. You are so genuine that I cannot run away from myself and I thank you for that.”

Donna L.

Clients who have worked with me say they have a better connection with themselves and they learn to love and feel compassion for themselves. They feel less isolated, more hopeful and less fearful.

Some of my clients with ADHD have said facing it and being diagnosed has changed their life dramatically: Discovering innate creativity and pursuing it, having more love and connection with humanity.

Many of the widows I’ve worked with are now happily remarried.

I’ve had a lot of adults who lost their fathers in the Vietnam War tell me because their moms would never talk to them about their Dad’s death, their own healing was stifled.

If you want help finding your own way, we should set up a time to talk.

“Beginning my work with you has been a guiding light in my process and one that I treasure. Since working with you, I have been putting myself higher on my priority list, painting, writing, and being assertive and gaining in confidence. Thank you so much.”

Michelle M. | MFT
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