The most grievous loss in life is the loss of our feelings.

I was so happy on my wedding day. That joy disappeared for 25 years. Little did I know that it was even gone. I went through the motions of living, but my heart and soul were dead. Living in denial and numbness can go on without even knowing it. Life just seems mundane and routine. No highs or lows, just a low level of depression. When that goes on long enough the grief takes on a life of its own. I am so grateful I found a way to grieve and now offer that service to others.

By Pauline Laurent

I am a story teller who believes that telling our stories not only unites us, it heals us. I had a story I was afraid to tell for 25 years. Keeping that secret almost destroyed. When I finally had the courage to tell, my life changed dramatically. I invite your stories, especially the ones you don't want to tell. Only you know what they are. In telling our stories we bear witness to our lives. What's your story? I'm curious.

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